Thursday, November 24, 2016

Medicine Drums

I recently attended a workshop with Jennifer Wust of Mountain River Drums and created my own frame drum- this is Riversong. 

Jen makes beautiful drums and leads drum circles,
 these are some of  her hard working drums and they have been played by many people over many years. 

 We have decided to collaborate on painted drums with Jen creating these beauties and me painting on them. So she has sent these ones up for me to experiment on and get used to what will work on them.

So far I have tested various inks, stains, paints and dyes for application and they will need to go back out and do some more work now to see how the drums work with these art materials on them and also how the art materials hold up to life as a working medicine drum. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birds on the Brain

I am deep in study this year 

but still in touch with the fabulous women of the Australian Art Swap Group on facebook

 and while I am not doing many swaps I could not resist this one. 

Janie OBrien hosted a Nature Booklet swap and I of course chose birds.

It was fun to just play and make art.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

30 Days of Painting Challenge

I have a few online spaces I inhabit and one of them is a very special warm and safe community the  Australian Artist Swap Group on facebook. The name is pretty clear we are all Australian residents as I started this group to save on postage costs and facilitate an active swap community locally.
Inspired by the beautiful and talented Judy Wise  we are gathering a group to work on a single canvas for 30 days, even if it is only for 5 mins and the 30 days do not need to be consecutive but we will be tracking our progress and sharing the experience and images on our group with ‪#‎AASG30daychallenge‬
We already have 2 of our lovely members away and enjoying the challenge and I will posting prompts and inspirations over the 30 days, if you are wanting to join us we are always welcoming to new members who meet our few guide lines - you need to be a resident of Australia and keen to join in with the group, there is no pressure to join the swaps we have  few members who are there to appreciate the art produced and the energy of the group. We do not do any selling in this space and it is a very safe and encouraging space where we welcome and appreciate all abilities and contributions, ranging from the children's ATC swaps right through to the Travelling Art Journals

 Oh and in other news I am working on a brand new web site at Fig Tree Sanctuary It seems all River Girls have to grow up eventually and I need to come up with my new business name in the meantime it is Fig Tree Sanctuary, so pop over there if you would like to see my latest developments as I complete my training in art therapy and intentional creativity. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sacred Journey

My quest is a sacred journey of consciousness, every time I do the work of Color of Woman I become more conscious, more focused and I feel it deep in my soul. It is metamorphosis as I am transformed from the old into the new.

I am here to discover and embrace my piece of the red thread; I am here to serve our precious Earth, the Divine Feminine and my own dreams.  I am here to open myself and learn how to bring this incredible transformative process into the sacred space I am creating to meet my beloveds and offer them connection, creativity and safe space.

The path I walk follows those who came before me and those who walk beside me, we are all connected in a beautiful transformative healing community and as I journey with my sisters I am shedding the tendency to carry too much of the thread, I am honouring myself by recognising my limits and empowering myself to focus just on my piece and to do it well. We are a community that can offer much, to many, I do not have to do it all alone and this is so freeing and nurturing.

My community is crying out for new solutions to serious problems I feel that call to serve my community and I am eager to do so. I will bring intentional creativity to these people, It is a privilege and an honour I gratefully accept.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My First Red Thread Circle

A magnificent day it was on Saturday when I led my first Red Thread Session. I was joined by a small group of wild and soulful women who really did not know what they were in for.  The setting was in a friend’s beautiful home I started our workshop in her lounge room with a bit of an explanation about what intentional creativity is and a run through of our session.

I was working with these women to uncover their internal life script, to listen to that little voice inside us all who is the critic and can bring us down and then to learn how to reconnect with soul and nurture that voice to allow them to hear their muse.

We then did a guided meditation to become relaxed and grounded in the space and I read Shiloh’s poem – A poem of self-forgiveness. The magic was already working, my ladies were feeling it and in touch with their soul, tears flowed, emotions came to the surface and we all entered into a very safe, vulnerable, open and sacred space within the circle of the red thread.

We moved into a bright and sunny room where I had loved setting up this beautiful space for my guests, and here we created our cards, there was still lots of deep emotional work happening here but it was interspersed with laughter and music, chocolate and wine, and in between playing with paint the ladies faced some deep truths and learned how to turn them around. 

I learned so much as well.

I learned I can do this deep and sacred work even when I am not perfect, that I can be a vessel for others to access them selves and heal themselves and in the process find my own healing.

I learned there is a very real need for this work in our communities.
I learned to pack a few boxes of tissues next time. 

This was my first experience working with art and creating sacred space for anyone else outside of my family and it was pretty scary but so very very worthwhile. 

Feedback from my ladies is all very positive and I am ready to start planning my next workshop in this transformative, sacred work. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Legendary Self

This was my first painting in the Color of Woman school and she represents my legendary self. She is powerful, she is knowing , she is grounded and centered in the beautiful earth right here where I live, in the massive arching fig trees and the mighty flowing river.

She has been within me for ever and at times in my life I have been very much in touch with her, she is fierce and takes no nonsense and can be quite domineering, she knows what she wants and she gets it, She is in me ancient and noble and she is also my younger self.

I lost touch with this aspect of myself but I need to welcome her back, I need that fire in the belly; I need her spark and confidence.

She is midwifing my rebirth and mothering my fragile new self, she is teaching me to look after myself, to prioritise myself and my self-care, to recognise my achievements and the worth and value of all that I do and offer. She is telling me I am enough, I am worthy, and nothing is beyond me. I am accepted and loved and appreciated just as I am.

My story is changing rapidly as I am undergoing a metamorphosis to reclaim all of that for myself.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Unfurling - Metamorphosis

This year is one of the most wonderful years I can remember and it is only April!
I am seizing the opportunities presented to me and transforming my life. I am doing such deep soul work in my studies and welcoming the new found understanding and appreciation of myself.

I am on a Red Thread Quest doing the Color of Woman training and learning so much about myself and intentional creativity. I am also learning how to work with others using this method to empower others to get to know and express themselves and for self-healing.

This painting came out of my sheer delight of painting in the way I am being trained to in the Color of Woman, it is using a 13 step method and intentional creativity and I just can’t get enough.

 Unfurling marks that point in my life where I have just woken up, I have so many wonderful things in my future all unfurling around me and I am just drying my wings and taking in it, almost ready to take flight.